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Astronaut Edgar Mitchell talks about his NASA mission to the moon, UFOs, space technology, and the moon hoax theory.

Astronomer Tom Van Flandern shares his exploding planet hypothesis, as it relates to Mars and other bodies in the solar system.

The late Dr. Eugene Mallove discusses Cold Fusion technology.

Researcher and author Dr. Nick Begich joins Art for an in-depth interview about Project HAARP.

Art Bell returned live to host his annual Ghost-to-Ghost Show, featuring tales of hauntings and spirits, that raise the...

In this special from 1995, listeners called and wrote in with their best ghost stories.

On one of the first of Art's yearly Halloween traditions, listeners emailed, faxed, and called in with their best ghost stories.

In this riveting special, Art took calls from people who've been attacked by entities, and had spooky, unexplained...


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